Monday, January 13, 2014

Rode 7.99 km today

I woke up early to send my daughter to school. The day was cloudy with a possibility of a slight drizzle. The weather was cool so I decided to go on a ride.

Nearing the half-way mark of my favorite (and only?) route, the drizzle came. Honestly, I was ill-equipped :). I wore only outdoor sandals, shorts, tshirt, no headgear, and no gloves. So yeah, I'm sure the lot of you will just do a facepalm so sue me ^_^ (kidding!).

Despite the shortcomings in equipment for today's ride, it was fun in earnest. The recipe is clear - cloudy, drizzle, and yes mud. MUD! It was my first time in years to be actually able to ride under the rain, over muddy, unpaved road, and yes, negotiating the various deep, chocolate-colored puddles that pockmarked the rough road.

Again, it was fun. Oh, and did I mention I managed to burn some calories?